ClinFo1T was founded in 2012the first company to introduce Patient Support Programs in Lebanon, offering comprehensive services with customers all over the Globe
Our ambition was to operate in partnership with the most innovative Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Companies to improve health outcomes, with projects and services that enhance the quality and continuity of care to Patients

1 Disease management

  • Home Care Programs
  • Safety Management
  • Adverse Events Reporting
  • Quality of Life Assessment

2 Adherence compliance management

  • Call Center
  • Mobile Applicationt
  • SMS Reminder
  • Access Agreements (hospitals, drug stores & banks)

3 Patient’s assistance

  • Financial Support: Free of charge & co-payment programs
  • Moral Support: Close follow ups (dietitian, nurse, physical therapist, psychologist,…)
  • Emotional support
  • Reimbursement Assistance: Reimbursement bodies paper work follow-up


  • Therapy administration
  • Pre-emption, management of adverse events
  • Practical, emotional support
  • Educational support

5 Success

  • 20+ projects in different therapeutic areas
  • 10+ countries covered (MEA, GCC & Persian countries)
  • 50+ Field Professionals (Nurses, Physicians, Psychologists, Research Nurses, Physiotherapists)
  • 50+ Drug Deliveries